SBtron *VCO VCXO TCXO VCTCXO OCXO ECL PECL LVPECL LVDS RTC Repeater CDMA GSM Sine wave Sinusoidal SAW SMD Resonator Crystal Oscillator Filter Hybrid communication and networking wireless data communication VoIP data communication system gps system DRO sweep audio oscillator gps tracking system vehicle gps system gps navigation system gps vehicle tracking system microstrip resonators frequency GHz MHz KHz Hz hertz resonators exhaust resonators dielectric resonators DAB DMB Clipped Dielectric ceramic trap trap discriminator FM AM GIS satellite saw resonators crystal quartz resonator antenna element, oscillator crystal oscillator circuit colpitts oscillator dielectric resonator oscillator cd c36 c24 c32 c28 ZTA ZTT ZTACC ZTTCC ZTTCW ZTTCS ZTTCV LT LTM LTZ LTS LTT LT10.7M LZU JTM DRC DAE DFC MCF ZTB 32.768khz CRYSTAL RESONATOR Dielectric antenna element Dlelectric filter Tcxos VCtcxo X-tal Zttcw crystal crystal Oscillator crystal resonator dielectric resonators dr filter dr filters fiber optic isolator filter fm moudle fm receiver module isolator mcf monolithic crystal filter multiple wave oscillator oscillator,oscillator crystal oscillator oscillators programmable oscillator quarzfilter saw filter saw resonator sx-1 sx-3 sx-5 sx6 ssx-7 sx-8 sco-101 sco-020 sco-060 sco-105 sco-103 sco-200 tcxo 19.68MHZ tcxos,telequartz vco manufacturer vco manufacturers vco module vctcxo voltage control oscillator x tal zTTCW zta ztacc ztb ztt zttcc zttcv zttcw ?????,????? HC49U HC49S HC49S SMD HC49S SMD SLIM UM1 UM5 UM4 TR6 Crystal Oscillator pll fm filter saw filter dmb dr filter dr filters fiber optic isolator filter fm fm receiver module isolator GPS used Filter 27MHz VCXO Module ICs(Low Phase Noise)VCXO IC used for digital TV Set top box and satellite receiver voltage control oscillator 32.768KHz 6.9x1.5x1.5 32.768KHz 4.5x1.5x0.9 32.768KHz 3.2x1.5x1.1 32.768KHz 6.8x3.0x1.55 32.768KHz 6.9x1.4 Crystal 3.2*2.5 3x2.5 LVDS Oscillator SMD PECL oscillator 1.8Volt SMD oscillator zta ztacc ztb ztt zttcc zttcv zttcw zttcr zttcv zttcs ztb ztby ztb456f ztb500f ztb503f lt10.7m lt10.7m-a10 lt10.7m-w ltca10.7m ltcv10.7m lt-mb lts lttlt455u lt450u lt455w lt450w ltm455u ltm450u ltm455w ltm450w lzu450c lzu450c4n lt465a ltp lt ltz jt-mg jt-md jt-mc jtm455c cd jtcv-mg/mc dfc-a dfc-b dfc-c dfc-d dfc-e dielectric antenna element HC-49/U Leaded (11.3x4.8x13.0H mm) HC-49/S Leaded (11.0x4.5x3.5H mm) HC-49/S SMD (12.5x4.5x4.2H mm) TUNING FORK (=WATCH CRYSTAL) 32.768KHz SMD (8.0x3.8x2.6H mm) TUNING FORK (=WATCH CRYSTAL) 32.768KHz Leaded (1Φx.45 1Φx5 mm) CERAMIC SMD (7.0x5.0x1.2H mm / 4 PAD) CERAMIC SMD (5.0x3.2x0.9H mm / 4 PAD )Crystal CERAMIC SMD (3.2x2.5x0.9H mm / 4 PAD)Crystal TUNING FORK (=WATCH CRYSTAL) 32.768KHz SMD (6.9x1.4x1.3H mm) TUNING FORK (=WATCH CRYSTAL) 32.768KHz SMD (3.2x1.5x1.1H mm) TUNING FORK (=WATCH CRYSTAL) 32.768KHz SMD (4.5x1.5x0.9(H) TUNING FORK (=WATCH CRYSTAL) 32.768KHz SMD (6.9x1.5x1.5H mm) CERAMIC SMD (2.5x2.0x0.8H mm / 4 PAD) CERAMIC SMD (4.2x2.5x1.0H mm / 4 PAD) xt-mb xt-mw xt-mj crystal4x2.5 crystal6x3.5 crystal11.6x3.5 crystal4x2.5 crystal2.5x2.0 isolator if saw filter gps antenna gps used filter*


GPS OCXO 10.00MHz (2013/7/18)
GPS and IEEE1588 timing and synchronization unit (2012/12/28)
GPS_GLONASS_timing synchronization (2012/12/28)
Frequency Standard & RF Distribution (2011/6/2)
GPS Rubidium Timing module_Sinewave (TTL, ECL, CMOS levels) (2011/4/4)
TCXO For Femtocell and Base Station +-0.08ppm(80ppb) (2011/2/15)
TCXO_ULTRA Stability frequency(Precision TCXO) (2010/10/26)
New WiMax Low cost gps timing Module (2010/9/13)
New Product TCXO HCMOS 5*7 (2008/5/26)
New Product TCXO 2.5X2.0 0.5PPM (2008/2/12)

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GPS and IEEE1588 timing
Timing_module preliminary
Ultra stabile frequency
TCXO 2.5X2.0