Base plating
A high vacuum thin film deposition machine evaporates a metal onto the surface of each blank to form an electrode pattern.


Precise plating
The frequency of each quartz crystal is measured while a metal is evaporated onto one side of an exposed electrode until the target frequency is reached to within ±5.

The inside of a holder is evacuated and filled with the inert Nitrogen gas (N2) to protect crystal elements mechanically and prevent electrodes or other parts from being oxidised or influenced by ambient temperatures.

Leak test
The leakage is tested 100% in FLUORINERT LIQUID.

Aging is the frequency change with time when factors external to the oscillator such as environment and power supply are kept constant.

Final test & packing
The crystals are tested for their motional parameters and sorted into frequency groups. The trimming range of the oscillators is tested, as is the short term stability and requency shift due to shock.

The oscillators must pass a final inspection and is then checked and released by our Q.C. department.